The OU Club of Greater Kansas City awards two (2) scholarships each year to Greater KC area entering freshmen at the University of Oklahoma!  The OU Club of KC is an organization comprised of alumni and friends of the University of Oklahoma (OU) in the Greater KC area, which spans a large area across both Missouri and Kansas.

Each scholarship is in the amount of $5,000.00 ($2500/semester, 3.2 gpa), where most of the money is applicable only to tuition (more details below).

To apply for the scholarship, you need to have already applied and been accepted by OU then go to the following Club WOFOO Application web link no later than May11, 2018 and provide your Name, Email, Sooner ID, Legacy status and phone number:

The Club Scholarship Committee will obtain and use information you already provide to OU — OU Application, Admission Essay, and any submitted Community Service & Leadership essays.

You must complete the WUFOO link questions no later than May11, 2018 for your application to be considered.  Finalists may be contacted to schedule interviews.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, you may contact Earleen Parks, Club President —, 913-634-2043.


* OU Club Scholarships are supported by Club funds ($2500/year = $1250/semester, cash portion) and an OU Match up to $2500/year (= $1250/semester, waiver portion).

* The OU Match is applicable ONLY as a tuition waiver.

* Both the Club Cash Funds and the OU Waiver Match are deposited directly into the student’s Bursar Account (under 2 different entries).

* NOTE:  For students receiving other scholarships or tuition waivers, the OU Club Funds Will Cover Outstanding Tuition As Needed First, with the remainder of the OU Club match being available for use on Fees, Housing Charges, Books, etc.

If you are awarded the scholarship, we will notify you by email and by phone.

Good Luck and BOOMER SOONER!!!